Upcycle, Upload &
Grow Your Business

GreenSuggest provides content creators with a platform dedicated to upcycling content, where they can easily market their expertise and monetize their skillset without getting lost among thousands of channels.

No need for ads to grow your views

According to a 2018 Fortune report, the 3% most viewed channels on YouTube only receive $16,800 per year from ads revenue, while the remaining 97% gain even less.

Upload, Grow & Retain


Upload your upcycling videos in just a few simple steps, using the user-friendly easy to use the dashboard of GreenSuggest. Our AI technology will makes it like a blink of an eye to upload even 4K videos with ease.


Stay ahead in the game, by using our content management system (CMS) dashboard and retention tools. GreenSuggest will help you build a stable, sustainable, and scalable business while promoting your other social media channels as well.


Unlock the true potential of your videos with GreenSuggest's built-in data intelligence and audience analytical tools. Use GreenSuggest to sell your patterns plus a handful of other features to grow in your dedicated and eco-conscious community.

Other Features

Curated Audience

More relevant, targeted, and curated audience along with better matching tools and algorithms. Fast and reliable as it omits the need for searching thousands of data and content using AI-based technologies.

Video Editor

Providing creators tools for video creation, editing, and sharing. Plus introducing apps to improve the quality and attractiveness of contents.

Online Classrooms

One-to-one or one-to-many online classrooms to be able to maximize your monetization.

Selling Patterns

As another way of monetization, our advanced content creators are able to sell as many as patterns (sewing) they want in our platform.

Pricing Tier


$10.99 / month

billed anualy

  • Password Protection
  • Video Chaptering
  • Engagement and social analytics
  • Basic viewer analytics
  • Basic templates for video creation
  • Limited number of videos in a starter account


$19.99 / month

billed anualy

  • Includes everything is standard
  • Video chaptering &SEO
  • Engagement and social analytics
  • Advanced viewer analytics
  • Premium templates for video creation
  • No ads before, after or on your video
  • Custom video link
  • Unlimited number of videos

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