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Green Suggest

Why It Matters

The global fashion industry produces over 92 million tons of waste per year, which has a catastrophic, long-lasting effect on the planet we live in. Most consumers throw away their clothes not because they are damaged or unusable but because they seem out of fashion. If the number of times a garment is worn were doubled on average, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 44%. Globally, customers pay up to $460 billion more each year by throwing away clothes that they could continue to wear.

Did You Know?

2,000 gallons

of water are used to make a typical pair of jeans.

12 million tons

of textiles are sent to landfills in North America.

95% of the textiles

sent to landfills are reusable in a new fashion.

Clothes Take Decades to Decompose!

Our Way Out

To save our planet from all the threats of textile waste and help the eco-conscious generation keep up with the latest fashion, we have provided an AI-powered solution enabling users to upcycle their clothes in the easiest way possible.

With Green Suggest, you can simply transform old-fashioned, worn-out or damaged clothing into a new, stylish product, something that stands out in the crowd!

Repurpose Your Old Garment to:

Our Product

AI-Powered Customized Upcycling Suggestions

Our AI-powered app provides you with numerous personalized upcycling ideas based on millions of relevant contents across the web, along with DIY tutorials for each of them. Curious? Start!

With Green Suggest, Upcycling Is a Cakewalk!

  1. Take a Photo of Your Clothing Item
  2. Choose the Style Category You Prefer
  3. Wait for us to process relevant results
  4. Pick Your Desired Suggestion
  5. Watch the DIY Tutorial
  6. Get Started with the UPCYCLING

Our Team

Mohammad Pooladi

Chief executive officer

Leila Tavakolibazaz


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